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Welcome To Transports operator, advertising & traffic website (logistic supplier for websites): EGIPT-PTC.INFO!

Access to a user panel from which to carry out advertising campaigns, positioning of your online content, ... in a simple, efficient and economical way.

Brief presentation/disclaimer:

The purchases made in Egipt-ptc.info not include consumption tax (VAT) because the sales of the website are destined to users of countries of the European Union (except Spain) who are professionals or companies.

The documents of the group (Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy, rules of use, ... ) and the functioning (indications of use in the different sections) are definitives and only are susceptible of to include changes for to be improved, when an error is detected or when exist a necessity (novelties).

- The group of websites uses SSL or similar security and antimalware protection for keep safetly transactions made within the websites and forums of the group and for be protected against malware, ... . In this way the software, databases and information are maintained safely.
- This website also includes anti session hijacking protection and not is a website mlm, pyramid schemes or sites hiyp.
All sections of the websites and forums of the group functionate through their software (not make use of external applications that transfer data).
- The websites of the group are exempt from risks relationated to credit card payments because the users pay for their purchases through the payment processors, in Surfingcrazy.info, Egypt-ptc.info and Whale-ptc.info also is available the internal method of payment: Purchase balance (works at the style of the cryptocurrencies) that provide an automatic and instant discount according with the points 1 and 18 of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy.

- The artificial intelligence are included in the indications of use of the section Manage & create ads.

- Egipt-ptc.info is an advertising and traffic website that through of the different types ofadvertisements that has availables (ads based in images, ads text, interaction ads, ...)gets that the advertisers besides of be able to address to the visitors and users of the website get visibility and positioning in the search engines (this is something to take into account when calculating the returns generated by the investment in the advertising campaign).
Each type of ad has its own purpose of use: image-based ads (Banners ads and Featured Banners ads), ads to obtain search engine positioning (mainly: Paid To Click ads and Traffic Exchange ads), ads with communicative capacity (Paid To Read ads and Paid Email ads), ads that are shown in all hits of the website (Featured Link ads) and external interface ads (Featured Banners ads, Featured Ads and Featured Link ads).
- The users dispose of different internal extras that allow them to enjoy their time online from any device.
- Within of the initial scheme of the group of websites Surfingcrazy.info (Clik-land.com) supplements his function as group of users with the management of the logistical needs that to appear within of the group of websites or even as transports operator website for get attend the needs of our visitors, users ... and customers, of this type of services. The transportation services, local errands, and other related services availables or requested are inTRANSPORTATIONS ZONE, this transportations zone have his own conditions of use and when Egipt-ptc.info requests transport services, the conditions of use of his transportations zone are applied when the offers are received.
Those interested in doing business with this website must purchase a Transportations study special/ticket for study the options of that their needs or offers of transportation be managed across the Egipt-ptc.info Transportations zone, other option is hung an ad in style of Whale-ptc.info Shopping ads in the Egipt-ptc.info transportation zone for that our visitors, members/users and potential customers know the best options for his needs of transports.
All conversations, negotiations, paperwork, etc that could be exist between the parties shall be confidential. Will be conducted through this email: transportations@egipt-ptc.info, exist an strict order of entry and answers.
The transportation services, local errands and other related services that will be closed through Egipt-ptc.info transport operator management will be carried out in accordance with the regulations of the College of Commercial Agents and Egipt-ptc.info has his own Transportations zone conditions of use.
- Part of the incomes are used to pay rewards to our users by to view ads, by use theirtools of promotion,ourmemberships,... . The Egipt-ptc.info prices include the rewards that generate their ads and each section includes his functioning (information, indications and rules of use).
- Egipt-ptc.info operates with real money (EUR: €) and the users have availables the internal transfers ... in the section: Point store.


- The internal transfers have the objective of facilitate solutions of liquidity, in the use of the user accounts.
- This website do not use the balance of the user accounts for to manage or create savings funds.

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- The join/register (when is available) and the use of the user accounts only is available for adults (over of 18 years), it can not be used with illegal purposes or with the objective of harming to the website itself or its content.
- The user accounts are activated through a verification email, is from the activation when the login is available using your username and password, the section: My warnings, within the user panel, includes the grounds of suspension of access, economic sanctions and elimination/deletion of the user accounts by part of the website. The user always has the capacity of delete his account in the section Personal details, within the user panel. Also in this section exists the posibility of that the user includes his personal number of identification.
- Is responsability of the user, since the activation of the account: keep safely and updated the information and data (password, pin, ...) of the section Personal details for have protected of the cybercrime his/her account. The websites will generate your password, pin, email update, ... always that be requested.
- The panel of user include the page: As generate the Egipt-ptc.info rewards: balances of cash & credits and besides also is available in the sections Cashout (not is required be premium user), Memberships and Store.
The initial balance of the accounts is -1.88 units monetaries of the currency that the website uses. The negative balance of the accounts does not suposses the recognition or possession of some type of debt by users and the elimination of accounts always is available in the Personal details section of the user account, except in the forums availables for make use of the Memberships (the accounts only can be deleted by the own group of websites and forums in accordance with points 19 and 21 of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy).
- The user accounts and memberships not are a financial product and not are transferable or endorsable, provide to the users of the Surfingcrazy.info group of websites (Clik-land.com) resources online and allows to them to accumulate (lay in) amounts of balance and make his Cashout.
- The withdrawal of earnings sends the money to the processor of payments chosen by each user and each modality includes indications of use.
- The inactive user accounts are eliminated after 50 days of inactivity (more information in the points 3 and 20 of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy that also include the affair of the Crazy-specials: Activate suspended account by inactive and Undelete user account.
- Between this website and his users not exists any type of labor relation or of financial products.
- Brand safety: The distribution (forwarding ...), copying or alteration of the documents of the group of websites and of the emails, notifications and internal private instant messages that the users receive from/in this website not are authorized ... (point 24 of the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy).
- The websites and their forums not make any type of transformation in the communications that send and neither in the messages that can be send with their software for transform them in encrypted message, therefore the websites of the group and their forums complies with the laws in force.

This website works agree with the initial scheme of the group of websites and independently.

Make yourJOIN,choose yourmembershipand enjoy/take adventage of your time online.

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