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Egipt-ptc.info: Create your free user account
(Is possible that Starting 2020 (1 January) the creation or opening of user accounts be through a previous payment)

* The data used for to create the user account, filling the next fields, must be true and will be part of the database of the website. The section: Personal details, in the panel of user, can be edited.
* In the Home section you can consult the security measures that this website uses.

Account Details

Please select a unique username (not is a personal data) for your account. You may only use letters and numbers.

Please choose a unique password for your account.

Please re-enter your password.

Please choose a unique personal pin for your account.
This will be used in the withdrawals of balance and in the updates of your account.
In the accounts created according with the points 1 and 27 of the document of the group Terms & Privacy policy the initial pin of the account is 1111

Please re-enter your pin.

The member or user who referred you (is very important write the username correctly because the false usernames not can have referrals).

Personal Details

Please enter your full name.

The email address not is a personal data, this website never provides to third parts the email addresses verified by the users accompanied by other information or data that may make it possible the identification of the user (data privacy).
Egipt-ptc.info will send you the emails of activation and welcome so be sure to enter a valid and current address. Besides Egipt-ptc.info will use this email address in the comunication between the parts.
*The email address not can be modified with the objective of that the notifications, ... of this website be received for other person that not be the user, if this happens the user account will be eliminated (My warnings section).


* The documents of the group of websites (Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy, rules of use, ... ) and the functioning (indications of use in the different sections) are definitives and only are susceptible of to include changes for to be improved, when an error is detected or when exist a necessity (novelties).

Please take a moment and read the section Terms & Privacy policy because with the creation of your user account you agree that you declares: to be of age, that you has read, understand and accept/authorize/constent his content, that the use of the sections of the website is performed through their functioning (information, indications and rules of use that the sections include), that the use of the exclusive section Zone is performed through their own conditions of use and that you accept/constent the use of our cookies and the content of the section My warnings; in the case of that you not agree with something can delete or cancel your account in your Panel of user anytime, within Personal details section.

When exist changes and updates in the documents of the group will be communicated by notification to the email that figures in the personal details of each user account (to the users that have the option Admin Mailer turned on, in the section Preferences) and by internal private message, the changes not will be applied retroactively and the notification will include the date since of that the changes already will be applied (generally two months after from the sending of the notification) when the changes affect to the privacy of the users.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright © Transports operator, advertising and traffic website: EGIPT-PTC.INFO.

* Only is possible create accounts with the username or email of others persons in Legalclik.com (if finally is activated), Offi-clik.info and Pennyclicks.info through the purchase of datapackages in the section Crazy-specials (includes instructions of use); in the rest of cases: Create accounts with the username or email of others persons will cause the elimination of the user account of the user that created them and the prohibition of that user in the group of websites and forums.

Completing your Join/Register in this website: you are requesting open an user account and giving permission for (authorizing) receive communications from this website.

Know also that for get a high efficiency in the use of the websites of the group is very important dispose of one user account (in each activated website) created using the same username and email address.

* After of create each new user account will be execute the welcome protocol, only are activated the user accounts whose email was verified.
* If you are using any sort of spam blocker or filters, your activation email may get filtered as junk, so be sure to check your junk folders if the email is not arriving to your inbox.

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